David Pfleeger cropQ&A with a recent MAI designaiton recipient- David Pfleeger

David recently received the MAI designation and will be receiving his certificate at the chapter dinner meeting on November 12, 2014 at Broadmoor Golf Club. He was kind enough to share his thoughts on the process of obtaining his designation.

(N.R.) How was your experience in taking the capstone course, and how did the actual experience compare to your expectations going into it?

(D.P.) I found it very helpful to have instructors available to provide immediate feedback as well as a few key tips on what is important to consider in the report. I would say the experience met my expectations very well.

(N.R.) What made you decide to take the capstone offering as opposed to writing the traditional demonstration report?

(D.P.) My Advisor took the Capstone and strongly recommended it – I’m glad he did.

(N.R.) What was the in class experience like, and how many hours total, both in and out of class, did you need to put in to complete the work during that week?

(D.P.) The in-class experience involved about an hour of actual instruction on the first three mornings. The rest of the time was free time to write. The instructors were available in the classroom during business hours and via email after hours. I wanted the week in the classroom to be as low stress as possible so had a rough draft of the entire report completed prior to the final week in the classroom – and was glad I did! I left out a couple charts that the Institute provided for the Cost Approach that I later learned would be a good idea to include (that was shared during the hour-long morning instruction session). So I ended up revamping the Cost Approach. I spent about half my time in the classroom and the other half working out of my hotel room – mostly for a change of scenery. I probably logged 10 – 12 hours per day and finished by around Noon on Saturday.

(N.R.) With one of the requirements being that you have to complete the market analysis prior to attending the class, did the materials provided help you complete that task, and was instructor assistance available in completing the market analysis?

(D.P.) The materials provided prior to completing the market analysis were a bit overwhelming at first – it’s a totally new market in a different state. I read or skimmed through all of the materials first in order to get a high-level sense of the market and property. Then I followed the sample market analysis provided in the materials and just took at one step at a time. Having completed that first, big step was nice feeling of accomplishment.

(N.R.) What advice would you give to someone who is planning on taking the capstone course?

(D.P.) Having instructors available for immediate feedback is worth the cost and time to attend the course.

(N.R.) If you had to make the decision again would you still take the course or opt for one of the other demo alternatives?

(D.P.) Part of me is curious about how I would handle the traditional route, but at the end of the day, I’d probably take the Capstone route again.