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AI Seattle Webinar January 22, 2021

Featuring Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist, Windermere Real Estate
Gardner Economic Forecast

2020 Fall Conference
Morning Session

Morning Session Materials

Afternoon Session

Afternoon Session Materials

September 2020 Chapter Meeting

2020.1 Seattle Everett Bellevue Market Study

January 2020

Chapter Meeting

Industrial Market Comments

September 2019

Fall Real Estate Conference

.D. Tom Boyle IVS Presentation August 2019-09-11 Boyle

.G. 2019_PB Powerpoint Presentation_KVA and RDB

.H. Brendan Presentation – September 27

.M. Armand Tiberio CBRE-Colliers PPT

.M. David Sorensen Cap Rate Trends Presentation

.M. George Petrie Development Update

.O. Michelle DeLappe PP

April 2019

All Residential All Day

Disasters, Hybrids and Weed, WA – Christensen

Highest & Best Use_Seattle AI

Highest & Best Use_Seattle AI  PDF

Special Agents Houseboats

Property Tax Appeals in Washington State – Amy Hoppe

January 2018

January Chapter Dinner Meeting

Holi Weaver -AI Seattle Chapter Dinner Meeting – 01-17-18

November 2017

Appraising Environmentally Contaminated Properties

Appraising Environmentally Contaminated Properties – Stan Sidor

Appraising Environmentally Contaminated Properties – Erica Doctor

Appraising Environmentally Contaminated Properties – Mark Davis

October 2017

Fall Real Estate Conference

Breakfast Keynote – Spencer Levy, Americas Head of Research, CBRE

Presentation not available.

A – The Puget Sound Office Market, Overview and Where We are Headed

Presentation not available.

B -Hot Topics & Myths in Liability for Northwest Appraisers

B – Hot Topics and Myths in Appraiser Liability for NW Appraisers, 10-6-17

C – The Hirst Decision and Legislative Response

C – FINAL Hirst Powerpoint – 9AM C Room 608 Phillips Burgess

D – Appraiser’s Guide to Jury Instructions

Presentation not available.

E – Puget Sound Industrial: Is There an End in Sight?

E – PDC Appraisal Institute Presentation 2017

E – PowerPoint – Fall Real Estate Conference 2017 JF

E – SoDo Market Conditions Presentation 2017

F – Capture a “New Competency” Using Data Science Tools & Techniques

Presentation not available.

G – The Unit Rule – Misunderstood and Rightly So

G – The Unit Rule

G – Unit Rule – Eminent Domain

H – What Appraisers, Bankers, and Attorneys Need to Know About AVMs and Statistical Modeling

Presentation not available.

Luncheon Keynote – Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist, Windermere Real Estate

Presentation not available.

I – Retail at a Crossroads

Presentation not available.

J – Shelter Demand in Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound: Something is Different This Time

J – Market Study Mid 2017 PP

J – Q2 2017 Puget Sound Briefing

K – Benefit, Burden, Red Herring? Demystifying Easements and Crucial Lease Elements

K – Appraisal Institute_2017.10.3_Tephra Law

L – What Next?  Game Changers in the Seattle Hotel Industry

Presentation not available.

M – Multifamily: How Much is Too Much?

M – Multi-Family Trends

M – CoStar Seattle Presentation_Appraisal Institute_Final

N – Here Comes the Sun: Solar Electric Systems in the Residential Environment

Presentation not yet available.

O. – How the Market Views the Value of ‘Value-Add’ Properties

O – Appraisal Institute – How the Market Views Value Add Properties (8934503 v 1)

P. – Arbitration for Appraisers – Practical Approaches to the Real World

P – Arbitration for Appraisers

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