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January 2018

January Chapter Dinner Meeting

Holi Weaver -AI Seattle Chapter Dinner Meeting – 01-17-18

November 2017

Appraising Environmentally Contaminated Properties

Appraising Environmentally Contaminated Properties – Stan Sidor

Appraising Environmentally Contaminated Properties – Erica Doctor

Appraising Environmentally Contaminated Properties – Mark Davis

October 2017

Fall Real Estate Conference

Breakfast Keynote – Spencer Levy, Americas Head of Research, CBRE

Presentation not available.

A – The Puget Sound Office Market, Overview and Where We are Headed

Presentation not available.

B -Hot Topics & Myths in Liability for Northwest Appraisers

B – Hot Topics and Myths in Appraiser Liability for NW Appraisers, 10-6-17

C – The Hirst Decision and Legislative Response

C – FINAL Hirst Powerpoint – 9AM C Room 608 Phillips Burgess

D – Appraiser’s Guide to Jury Instructions

Presentation not available.

E – Puget Sound Industrial: Is There an End in Sight?

E – PDC Appraisal Institute Presentation 2017

E – PowerPoint – Fall Real Estate Conference 2017 JF

E – SoDo Market Conditions Presentation 2017

F – Capture a “New Competency” Using Data Science Tools & Techniques

Presentation not available.

G – The Unit Rule – Misunderstood and Rightly So

G – The Unit Rule

G – Unit Rule – Eminent Domain

H – What Appraisers, Bankers, and Attorneys Need to Know About AVMs and Statistical Modeling

Presentation not available.

Luncheon Keynote – Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist, Windermere Real Estate

Presentation not available.

I – Retail at a Crossroads

Presentation not available.

J – Shelter Demand in Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound: Something is Different This Time

J – Market Study Mid 2017 PP

J – Q2 2017 Puget Sound Briefing

K – Benefit, Burden, Red Herring? Demystifying Easements and Crucial Lease Elements

K – Appraisal Institute_2017.10.3_Tephra Law

L – What Next?  Game Changers in the Seattle Hotel Industry

Presentation not available.

M – Multifamily: How Much is Too Much?

M – Multi-Family Trends

M – CoStar Seattle Presentation_Appraisal Institute_Final

N – Here Comes the Sun: Solar Electric Systems in the Residential Environment

Presentation not yet available.

O. – How the Market Views the Value of ‘Value-Add’ Properties

O – Appraisal Institute – How the Market Views Value Add Properties (8934503 v 1)

P. – Arbitration for Appraisers – Practical Approaches to the Real World

P – Arbitration for Appraisers

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