President’s Message

By Stan Sidor, MAI, AI-GRS, CRE

Dear Chapter Members:

Well, here we are – finally at the ending of 2020, a year that is expected to go down in our history as a very unusual year!  Certainly, it has been quite a different year than I expected when I looked forward to serving as this year’s chapter President.  But, despite how the virus forced us to adjust, we did adjust, and we made it through the year without too many complications.  The virus conditions did force the cancellation of a board and chapter meeting, and sent two others into “virtual” (via Zoom) mode, along with the cancellation of our regular Fall Conference that was also replaced with a smaller “virtual conference.”  We are still expecting that January’s board and chapter meetings, if not also April, in the coming year will continue via virtual Zoom mode, but are hopeful that we can once again gather in person by September, assuming the vaccine proves effective in combating the transmission of the virus.  The chapter leadership continues to hope that all of you are well, and will remain so, especially over the coming holidays.  We would like to wish all chapter members a joyous and happy (and likely memorable!) holiday, though for many it is expected this will be a very simple, quiet holiday this year.

I would like to thank all our chapter board members, directors, regional representatives, and those members who served the chapter this year.  Your time and efforts have been appreciated!  I also would like to thank DeAnn Hartman, our chapter’s new Executive Director, for all her work in coming on board this year during this challenging time, and getting up to speed quickly in administering chapter business and working with AI National to ensure smooth operations.  The chapter completed the transition to National’s CFMAP accounting system, and now all chapter income and expense processing goes directly through the national organization.

Also, the chapter board elections were completed, with your slate of officers for 2021 selected.  An overview of the new board is also presented in this newsletter.

With sincere appreciation and thanks, it was an honor to serve as your chapter President this past year.  All my best to each of you and your families for a successful, happy, and healthy 2021!

Stan Sidor, MAI, AI-GRS, CRE

2020 Chapter President

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