President’s Message

By Stan Sidor, MAI, AI-GRS, CRE

Dear Chapter Members:

Well, here we are at about the midpoint of 2020, and this year has turned out to be quite different than I think any of us expected when the year began! Our lives, and professions, have been impacted to one degree or another by the COVID virus, and “stay-at-home”/lockdown orders. All of us are having to learn to adapt and adjust how we live and work. Property inspections have been affected, either limited to exterior-only, or limited interior inspections, or having property owners provide interior photos; in person meetings have either been cancelled, or have been limited to only one or two other persons in attendance, with the need for social distancing and face masks, or have been supplanted by Zoom meetings or conference phone calls; most of us are working remotely from home; and, we have had to address and modify current market conditions in our appraisals and attempt to determine how the virus and its impacts on the economy affects our value conclusions.

Our chapter’s April board meeting was conducted via Zoom, and the dinner meeting had to be cancelled. While at this time we are still planning for our September and November board and dinner meetings, these are “moving targets,” and may need to be held virtually via Zoom or some other alternative venue. Also, out of an abundance of caution, we cancelled our annual Fall Conference, which is a major revenue source for the chapter, but are working on some alternative plans. In-person education classes have had to be cancelled, with members now having to rely on online-education alternatives.

How much longer these conditions and changes to our lives continues is yet to be determined, but we are all hopeful conditions change sooner than later, though at this time the outlook does not appear positive, with a recent resurgence in and spiking of cases. How are you navigating these conditions? Your chapter leadership hopes all of you are well, and will remain so until this virus is either eradicated or a successful vaccine can be developed!

In other news, the chapter has recently changed its Executive Director and management company, and I am pleased to welcome DeAnn Hartman and Hartmanagement in this role! More details on DeAnn and Hartmanagement are included in this newsletter.

Also, the chapter board elections have been completed, with your slate of officers for 2021 selected. An overview of the new board is also presented in this newsletter.

Stan Sidor, MAI, AI-GRS, CRE
2020 Chapter President

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