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New Seminar
Available February 2019!

If you’re involved in the valuation of commercial real estate, it’s crucial to know how the terms of a lease affect value. This NEW seminar goes beyond methodology to explore how to measure a property rights adjustment, the theory underlying the use of a leasehold yield rate (YLH) to value the leasehold, as well as the application of a property rights adjustment in all three approaches to value.

Topics include:
• How the terms of a tenant’s lease impact value—either positively or negatively
• Situations that require a valuation of a leasehold
• Methodologies in valuing a leasehold, including examples and exercises
• The impact of a leasehold in the valuation of property using all applicable approaches
• Challenges facing appraisers performing leasehold valuation assignments

Program Overview
• Table of Contents & Overview(PDF)
• Schedule (PDF)
Recommended Text
• The Appraisal of Real Estate, 14th ed.
• The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal, 6th ed.

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AI CE Credit for Designated Members and Practicing Affiliates
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Who Should Enroll
Commercial appraisers; brokers and lenders who are involved in valuation of commercial real estate.

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• Basic Appraisal Procedures


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