Chapter Leadership 2018


Whitney Haucke, MAIPresident
Whitney Haucke, MAI
Phone: (206) 292-6006

Vice President
Lori Safer, MAI
Phone: (206) 903-6700

Stan Sidor, MAI
Phone: (253) 722-1445

Todd Henderson, MAI, AI-GRS
Phone: (206) 292-6189

Justin SlackImmediate Past President
Justin Slack , MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS
Phone: (206) 264-4259

Dan Hewitt, SRA
Phone: (360) 770-5446

Matt Bacon, MAI
Phone: (206) 436-1179

Patrick Lamb, MAI
Phone: (206) 838-1216

Brant Sheaffer, MAI
Phone: (503) 704-8661

North Sound Branch
Dan Hewitt, SRA
Phone: (360) 770-5446

South Sound Branch
Jodi Standaert, SRA
Phone: (253) 225-2353

Education Chair
Rob Bodkin, SRA
Phone: (206) 550-4554

Fall Conference Co-Chair
Michael L. Lamb, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS
Phone: (503) 812-5171

Fall Conference Co-Chair
Mel Morgan, MAI
Phone: (206) 382-0825

Finance Chair
Stan Sidor, MAI
Phone: (253) 722-1445

Candidate Guidance Chair
Aaron DeCollibus, MAI, AI-GRS
Phone: (425) 454-6789

Candidate Liaison (Residential)
Deborah Simon-Murray
Phone: (425) 343-2313

Candidate Liaison (General)
Steve Maule
Phone: (206) 818-4055

Newsletter Chair




Government Relations Chair




Programs Chair




Marketing Chair



Hospitality Co-Chair
Katriina White
Phone: (206) 292-1601

Hospitality Co-Chair



Technology Chair



University Relations Chair





The Seattle Chapter is part of Region 1 of the Appraisal Institute.  Click to view AI’s Chapter/Region breakdown.

Your Seattle Chapter Regional Representatives

If you have comments regarding 45-day notice materials or other items you would like to see addressed at a regional or national level, please feel free to contact your Regional Representatives. They attend 4 region meetings per year and the Regional Chair and Vice Chair attend national board meetings.

Whitney Haucke, MAI 
Phone: (206) 292-6006

Lori Safer, MAI
Phone: (206) 436-1177

Mark Kopcho, SRA
Phone: (253) 661-0386

Braden Gustafson, MAI
Phone: (360) 739-7246

Tom Weaver, SRA
Phone: (253) 661-8165

Region 1 Leadership

Region 1 Chair
Jeff Enright, MAI 
Phone: (650) 357-1619

Region 1 Vice Chair
Mary Campos, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS
Phone: (206) 389-7799

Upcoming Region 1 Meetings

February 6, 2018 conference call

May 4-5, Boise, Idaho

June 29, Nashville, Tennessee

Q4 Meeting TBD